Monday, October 17, 2011

My Biggest Fan

Two for Brendan on his birthday. 

New Arrivals Sale Clearance Free to a Good Home

I’m giving them away. Today,
my words are free, as in, no charge
for you, nor any cost to me.

What’s changed is that I know they’re lies.
It’s nothing new; the same old words
I used before but called them true.

Last year, I could’ve sold you in-
sight by the pound—some sage advice
or rule I’d traded for or found.

It’s not false advertising if
I bought it, too. The boldest lie
I sell myself? That there’s a you.


After “Untitled (No. 49),” Leonardo Drew, 1995.

Because sometimes art is more important than 
the freckles beneath his jawline—the same shade 
of rust as this sculpture. 

I cross the rope
and touch the paper, cotton, metal, wood.
I memorize each texture, every freckle.