Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My Boobs

Topless Beach, Normandy

The stones should hurt but don't. The tide's been rough
enough with them to smooth them out. I drop
my sandals by a stylish group of top-
less 40s and their kids and turn off tourist tough.

I shake my towel over the rocks, sit down
and lose my dress, exposing a giraffe-
print two-piece number that I bought in town.
I used my card to dodge exchange-rate math.

The act would change if you were here with me,
it'd be a joke, like flashing for a beer,
or it would be a tease if he were here,
more sexual. Instead, I can just be.

With eyes on the horizon line, I reach
behind me, squeeze the clasp. My back is bare
in a flash—then shoulders, sides, and chest. Breasts stare
at the other misshapen spheres along the beach.